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Perks and Mini: Multi Josh Smith Patches


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Perks and Mini: Multi Josh Smith Patches

Part of the P.A.M. X JOSH SMITH capsule collection, for AW18 “RE_SEARCH”. 

“The meaning of the STOP sign paintings is as open-ended as it could be. They are certainly, at the same time both a sign and a painting. I never have an intention for my art to mean anything to anyone. That is too much responsibility to expect from a viewer. Artists try to make their art mean something but they are fools and I am not an artist. People can form their own thoughts if they want, but remember that not everything needs to be thought over or rationalized. The leaden and unmistakable graphic qualities of the STOP sign image do a lot of the meaning work for me. Make up your own meaning.” (Josh Smith) 

Set of 3 P.A.M. X JOSH SMITH embroidered patches. 

Iron-on adhesive back. Size: 9cm x 9cm; 9cm x 9cm; 7cm x 11cm.