You are here, we are Nowhere

Nowhere opened in November 2014, bringing a progressive cut of today’s menswear designers and labels to Dublin and online.

The Nowhere name is a commentary on both masculinity and menswear (although proudly stolen from a Ride album). Partly rooted in frustration – with confining ideas and ideals on masculinity; at the nostalgia that seems to dominate the armour of men; in trying to find clothes we love in a city we love – and partly in a celebration of magnificent clothes and the people behind them – talent, creativity, courage and beauty.

Our ambition is to have a selection of labels and clothing that signify a new approach to the masculine aesthetic: forward-looking, thoughtful and fun. We want men to express themselves freely and to develop a masculinity less confined by old ideals and more affirmative of a new era.

But we're not just a retail project, we're also a publishing project about men and culture. Our podcast A Nowhere Man is an ongoing exploration of masculinity through the eyes of academics, artists, designers, techies and writers. We also stocks a unique assortment of books and magazines on masculinity, clothes, culture and art.

64 Aungier Street

The Nowhere store is located at 64 Aungier Street, the oldest merchant street in Dublin – and also the first suburb of Dublin – now a focus for inner city development by the Dublin City Council. We hope to be a bridge between the fringe, creativity and fun of Camden Street and the more established areas around the south of the city. It’s both nowhere, in between and at the heart of the future (we think). 


The Founders

Nowhere is a collaboration between Brian Teeling and David Erixon.

Brian is a Dublin Northsider who has worked at the forefront of Dublin menswear with Indigo & Cloth and Brown Thomas. David is a Swedish-born, Dublin-based entrepreneur and founder of Hyper Island and Doberman.