A.P.C. denim available in store


APC Worker Raw Denim Jacket €220

APC Worker Raw Denim Jacket €220

We are excited about the arrival of APC Denim to Nowhere. We hope this Irish debut will excite denim enthusiasts all over the country interested in unparalleled quality attributed to an unusual recipe and a small network of Japanese weavers who guard its secret ingredient. 

APC’s denim collection comprises classic two pocket jackets and unisex five pocket jeans. There is raw denim for those looking for a life partner of 

the trouser sort –  garment that requires a  commitment, they come straight cut and unapologetically stiff. But give them time, they slowly soften to their wearer and would happily go a lifetime without being washed. For those seeking instant denim gratification, there is also a denim with stretch, in raw blue finish and black. 

APC is available in store now with prices ranging from €35 - €220. 


APC Petit Standard Stretch Denim €150 


APC Petit Standard Raw Denim €145