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Silent Ceremony by Craig Green


Nowhere: Hi Craig, congratulations on the LVMH nomination! We're rooting for you. When we went to LCM last year for the SS15 show, we were blown away with how emotive your show was (and that there were quite a few people crying). How did this collection affect you emotionally? Did you shed any tears? 

Craig Green: Thank you, really glad you guys enjoyed the show. I had no idea that the collection would be received in this way – It felt very surreal. Even up until the morning before the show I had the feeling that the collection might not be well received – It felt very simplistic and striped-back in comparison to the collections that I had previously shown.

Nowhere: You described the collection as 'Silent Protest'. What are you protesting against?

Craig Green: It was never really about one specific reason – It was more like the energy of the collection as a whole. Every season starts with a discussion about what the next show should have the feeling of, and it felt right to show something that had this energy – especially in reaction to the season before.

Nowhere: For AW15, we felt this collection had a 'heart' to it. Was the inclusion of the colour red and the holes in the jumpers a nod to this?  

Craig Green: Each collection is always based around a grouping of people and the AW15 collection was based around ideas of institutions – mainly focusing on schools and military. It was definitely the labels most classical collection to date and this is where the use of the red and white in the collection came in.

Nowhere: I know you were originally planning to study fine art at Central Saint Martins, what made you change your mind to study fashion and then menswear? Do you think this has influenced your artistic vision?

Craig Green: I always loved to create things which is why I first enrolled at Central Saint Martins on the foundation art and sculpture course. I think it was the fast pace and the different energy that made me veer off into a fashion route.

Nowhere: All our limbs crossed for you!